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Welcome to Live at Peace Ministries

Welcome to the first of many posts to come! We are glad you stopped by. We will be publishing content on a regular basis and this page will help you navigate the terrain.

Our desire is to change the way people do their relationships with one another. Jesus said it was our relationships with one another that would validate his message and messianic claims (John 13:34-35, John 17:20-23).  Our relational health matters. 

The cost of a disconnected relationships  is profound. Conflicts abound, divisions deepen, and harm is done in the name of Christ. It is time to prioritize our relational health. It is time to address the implicit gaps and disconnects in our relational systems that stand in the way of a gospel culture of love and unity.

We hope you will be inspired, encouraged, and equipped to make a difference in whatever relational system you find yourself in. We long to see every cultural system change one relationship at a time.


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