LAPM serves individuals, couples, families, churches and organizations.

We Offer Counseling to Individuals

The goal in counseling is to help individuals gain insight into their situation and life in light of God’s Word and His purposes. We work with people experiencing a broad range of symptoms from anxiety to depression, from fear to anger, and from addictions to co-dependent behavior. These symptoms are often the result of broken relationships, with God, others or a distorted view of self.

We Provide Married Couples With Counseling and Conciliation Services

Conflict is a reality in every marriage. Unresolved conflict greatly damages the foundation of love and trust that marriage requires. Live at Peace Ministries is committed to biblical peacemaking and counseling that promotes reconciliation and restoration between spouses. Whether you are experiencing a strained relationship with your partner, or if your marriage is in deep crisis, we can help.

We Serve to Make Familes Stronger

We strive to help families recover from the impact of relational conflict. LAPM offers a process specifically designed to reconcile broken relationships, allowing families to pursue healing and change. Whether your family is in a time of transition, in crisis, or in need of guidance, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Assisting Churches and Organizations

The skills that make us effective in helping hurting people and highly conflicted couples and families are the same skills that make us effective in serving conflicted churches and organizations. Regardless of what you are facing, LAPM is ready to assist in reconciling these issues. Intervention services help churches and organizations locked in conflict restore peace and unity. LAPM’s education services and programs provide opportunities for gifted and qualified individuals to learn counseling and conciliation. Consulting services help churches and other ministries establish counseling and conciliation ministries in their own contexts.

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