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Counseling Services

LAPM serves individuals, couples, families, churches and organizations.

The skills that make us effective in helping hurting people and highly conflicted couples and families are the same skills that make us effective in serving conflicted churches and organizations. Intervention services help churches and organizations locked in conflict restore peace and unity. LAPM’s education services and programs provide opportunities for gifted and qualified individuals to learn counseling and conciliation. Consulting services help churches and other ministries establish counseling and conciliation ministries in their own contexts.

» Individuals

The goal in counseling is to help individuals gain insight into their situation and life in light of God’s Word and His purposes. We work with people experiencing a broad range of symptoms from anxiety to depression, from fear to anger, and from addictions to co-dependent behavior. These symptoms are often the result of broken relationships, with God, others or a distorted view of self.

» Marriage

Conflict is a reality in every marriage. Unresolved conflict greatly damages the foundation of love and trust that marriage requires. Live at Peace Ministries is committed to biblical peacemaking and counseling that promotes reconciliation and restoration between spouses. Whether you are experiencing a strained relationship with your partner, or if your marriage is in deep crisis, we can help.

» Families

We strive to help families recover from the impact of relational conflict. LAPM offers a process specifically designed to reconcile broken relationships, allowing families to pursue healing and change. Whether your family is in a time of transition, in crisis, or in need of guidance, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Church Counseling Services» Churches/ Organizations

Church and organizational conflict is among the most complex and painful that individuals experience. When expectations are high, even the slightest failure results in a level of hurt that surprises and shocks members and leaders alike. Gossip, division, dissension, and leadership failure are some of the reasons why churches and organizations experience conflict. Regardless of what you are facing, LAPM is ready to assist in reconciling this issues.

» Conciliation

Counseling + Conciliation

Our Conciliation process blends together the principles of Christian conciliation and the methods of professional counseling.

Christian conciliation is a process for helping people resolve personal conflicts in a God-honoring way. The goal of conciliation is to reconcile and restore hurting broken relationships, through repentance, confession and forgiveness. A distinctive of Christian conciliation is an emphasis on “heart issues” that are at the root of conflict (James 4:1). Our counseling training and experience provides us with a depth of knowledge and insight that helps identify systems of relating and destructive patterns that contribute to relational conflict. Experience has proven that people are best served when these two elements are blended together in a redemptive manner.

Counseling ServicesOur conciliation process repairs relationships by drawing out hearts and surfacing the core relational issues that drive conflict. We all face conflicts: at work, in our families and at church. Sometimes we need help to reconcile. Conciliation is a redemptive, Gospel-centered process that helps mend broken and hurting relationships. If you are facing a conflict that seems irreconcilable, our services can provide you with effective assistance.

Our Conciliation process is both intensive and comprehensive, involving three phases: 1) preparation, 2) the conciliation intensive event, and 3) follow-up care.

» Preparation (Conflict Coaching)

Conflict Coaching is focused on working with each individual in a troubled relationship. A conflict coach from our staff will take time to listen to each person and help them prepare their stories.

» Conciliation Intensive Event

A conciliation intensive is a dynamic and powerful event ranging from three to five days in length. Care is given to provide a safe environment to work through significant relational issues. During this event, trained conciliators use a unique gospel-centered process to help parties address root issues, reconcile past hurts and offenses, reach agreement on material issues, and begin the process of restoring their relationship.

» Follow-Up Care

Following a conciliation intensive event, we seek to involve a redemptive community that helps a couple restore their relationship more fully. We also assist in developing a plan the serves to restore trust, respect and intimacy. The plan may include mentor support, follow-up conciliation time, special educational events, individual and/or marriage counseling.