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Guiding couples, families, churches and organizations through conflict with the goal of glorifying God


We all face conflicts – at work, in our families, and even at church. Sometimes, we are able to reach personal reconciliation and mutually agreeable solutions on our own.

At other times, we need help.

LAPM helps individuals, couples, families, churches and organizations mend broken and hurting relationships using a redemptive, Gospel-centered process. If you are facing a conflict that seems insurmountable, LAPM’s counseliation services can provide you with effective, professional, biblically-faithful assistance.

Our staff members are among the most experienced Gospel-centered peacemakers available. All are seminary-trained counselors or pastors, and all are either Certified Christian Conciliators™ with the Institute for Christian Counseliation, a division of Peacemaker® Ministries, or are in the certification process.

Although LAPM staff members are experienced in serving churches, businesses, and organizations, LAPM specializes in serving conflicted marriages and families.

Information About Counseliation Services

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Types of Services Offered

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Conflict coaching sessions are private meetings (in person, by telephone, or through Skype) designed to assist individuals attempting to resolve personal and interpersonal conflict on their own. Conflict coaching is also a key component in helping parties prepare for a productive mediation process when private attempts to resolve conflict have failed and all parties have agreed to participate in an intensive reconciliation process.

Mediation provides an effective and safe process for couples, families, churches, and organizations to address and resolve personal and substantive issues.

When Mediation Is Needed…

LAPM’s counseliation process involves several stages. First, effective case management ensures that all logistical issues are handled on a timely and effective basis. The case manager coordinates the pre-mediation conflict coaching sessions for all parties and non-parties to help prepare everyone involved for a productive reconciliation process. The case manager also helps the parties select the counseliation team (a minimum of two people) that best meets their unique needs.

Case management, conflict coaching, and mediation services are all a necessary part of LAPM’s counseliation process.

Marital and Family R&R (Reconciliation & Restoration) Process

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Where can couples and families experiencing serious conflict go to get real help?

LAPM offers an R&R process specifically designed to address deep-rooted, pervasive marriage and family conflict. The counseliation team focuses on promoting reconciliation and restoration in the context of a supportive community. A commitment to the centrality of the Gospel, and the authority of the local church, makes the LAPM R&R process uniquely different than other intensive marital processes available. The R&R process usually occurs in the location where the couple or family live, and involves active participation from spiritually-mature mentors and appropriate church leaders prepared and committed to participating in a one-year follow-up process to help restore trust, respect and intimacy.

Many thousands of hours of counseling and counseliation experience inform the marital and family R&R process.

Couples Exhausted By Marital Conflict Have Options.

Lasting reconciliation and restoration is not only possible with LAPM’s R&R process, it is the most reported outcome. Previous clients report that counseliation services are effective in identifying and addressing painful relational patterns.

Churches in Conflict

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Gossip, division, dissension, leadership failure… Regardless of what your church is facing, LAPM is ready to assist.

Church conflict is among the most complex and painful that individuals experience. When expectations are high, even the slightest failure results in a level of hurt that surprises and shocks church members and leaders alike. Why? The gap between expectations and experience is often filled with anger, bitterness, and judgment. Peacemaking that relies on the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides practical and long-lasting help for real change, and a God-honoring way of dealing with the disappointments experienced through church conflict.

So much is at stake. On the night before Jesus was crucified, he prayed that his followers would be “brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you [the Father] sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” (John 17:23)

The world is watching the church and makes conclusions about God’s love based on what they see. Conflict clouds the message of God’s love.

How Does LAPM Serve Churches In Conflict?

LAPM constructs a team that is uniquely designed to provide the necessary human resources to conduct extensive interviews, training and education regarding biblical peacemaking, and individual and group conflict coaching as part of the pre-mediation preparation. The peacemaking effort is led by an experienced case manager who works with and for the church to organize the multitude of details that must be addressed to respond to the many levels of conflict. The mediation team builds on all of the pre-mediation efforts to address the root causes of the conflict.

Since addressing church conflict involves a significant amount of time on the part of the team providing counseliation services, LAPM donors have provided financial resources that allow LAPM to provide services to churches in need, while only charging a percentage of the actual costs.

What About Really Serious Church Conflict?

LAPM staff members have assisted churches facing some of the most challenging and difficult situations that can be imagined, including conflicts related to sexual misconduct and sexual abuse. These types of concerns are best addressed by a counseliation team that also understands the dynamics of trauma, abuse, and violence. Since LAPM staff members are cross-trained as counselors, counseliation efforts involving complicated and serious injuries benefit from the wisdom and experience of LAPM’s Gospel-centered counselors.

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