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Helping churches through pastoral transitions, building counseling
and conciliation ministries within the church, and developing ministry individuals

LAPM has tremendous knowledge and experience necessary to offer consulting to ministries and ministry professionals in the areas of:

  • Ministry Development
  • Professional Development


Ministry Development

LAPM is committed to helping churches and other non-profit ministries design, develop, and launch their own counseling and conciliation ministries. Two ministry development consulting packages are available:

» Governance Consulting

Careful thought regarding a non-profit organization’s mission, vision, structure and governance processes are critical to lay the groundwork of any new endeavor. LAPM works collaboratively with clients focusing on three separate areas: strategic planning, corporate development, and assistance in completing the 501(c)(3) Application.

» Operations & Processes Consulting

Following Governance Consulting, and with a thorough understanding of your unique mission, vision, goals, and corporate structure, LAPM provides your organization with an operational Policies and Procedures Manual, complete with forms ready to modify and customize for your own use. LAPM helps start-up ministries prepare to offer immediate, professional, and ethical services, with supportive accounting and business operations. Coaching and consultation is provided to help review, revise and revitalize your counseling and conciliation ministry operations.

Professional Development

Careful thought must be given to every organization’s most valuable resources—its leaders and service providers. To develop people to provide the most effective and transformative services, two separate areas of focus are needed:

  • Skills development for staff and board members
  • Leadership development for the organization’s chief executive.

Professional development packages include a blend of coaching and education. All professional development packages are custom-tailored and designed to facilitate spiritual growth and professional excellence.

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