CONSULTING Guiding churches through pastoral transitions; building counseling and conciliation ministries, and developing ministry individuals


Guiding Churches Through Pastoral Transitions

Pastoral transitions can be one of the most challenging issues that churches face.  Navigated correctly, the change of pastoral leadership creates an  opportunity for both personal and corporate growth toward the future,

Helping Pastors and Leaders In Times of Crisis

LAPM staff members have assisted churches facing some of the most challenging and difficult situations that can be imagined, including conflicts related to sexual misconduct and sexual abuse. These types of concerns are best addressed by a conciliation team that also understands the dynamics of trauma, abuse, and violence. Since LAPM staff members are cross-trained as counselors, conciliation efforts involving complicated and serious injuries benefit from the wisdom and experience of LAPM’s Gospel-centered counselors.
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Providing Resources To Develop Counseling and Conciliation Ministry

LAPM has tremendous knowledge and experience necessary to offer consulting to ministries and ministry professionals in the areas of: Ministry Development and Professional Development

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