Bringing in the New Year is often the perfect time to turn a new page in your life, which is why so many people make New Year’s resolutions. What if husbands and wives made a New Year’s resolution in 2018 to be more committed and devoted to each other? Think of the benefits for each partner, the marriage and the family!
Family gatherings at Christmas are intended to be wonderful occasions, but rarely are they stress-free. In particular, getting together with the in-laws on the holidays can be the cause of great anxiety, especially for young married couples. Learning how to navigate and adjust to the different traditions, values and personalities of our spouses family can be a challenge.

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Are you losing hope in your marriage? For couples in confict: Its never too late to begin to restore your maririage

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Our aim is keeping the Gospel of Jesus Christ central while graciously guiding people through personal brokenness. Individuals, couples, families, churches, and organizations seek out counseling services for themselves or others. Clients come from every faith background, and many of our clients profess to have no faith commitment at all. LAPM serves every denomination, age, socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic group.

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Walking with friends
Our friendships determine the quality of life we lead.This may sound overly dramatic, but pause for a moment and ask: “In life’s deepest troubles what enabled me to endure?” For many people, it wasn’t a tool, technique, or principle, but a relational connection that empowered them to preserve.
People often ask the question: Should a husband and wife be each other’s best friend? The short answer is 'yes' and the consensus is pretty strong. Most marriage experts are convinced that a deep and strong friendship is a vital key to making marriage a success.
How many of us have professed our faith with great confidence, but then struggled to put it into action when confronted with difficult circumstances or challenged emotionally by a strained relationship?
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