Statement of Acknowledgment and Public Confession

It is with great sadness and deep lament that we, the current leadership of Live at Peace Ministries (LAPM), provide this statement of acknowledgment and public confession.

Make Your Marriage Stronger By Building Trust

One of the most wonderful gifts of a loving marriage is the ability to trust your mate. How important is trust in marriage? At the risk of stating the obvious; it’s absolutely critical. Mutual trust allows partners to feel safe with each other, deepens their love, and causes friendship and sexual intimacy to blossom. When trust is lacking in a marriage, suspicion and fear begin to dominate causing the relationship to feel very insecure.
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Pastor with Bible

Counseling Services

Our aim is keeping the Gospel of Jesus Christ central while graciously guiding people through personal brokenness. Individuals, couples, families, churches, and organizations seek out counseling services for themselves or others. Clients come from every faith background, and many of our clients profess to have no faith commitment at all. LAPM serves every denomination, age, socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic group.
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Ministry Location - 11780 Borman Drive - St. Louis, MO 63146